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About Her Highnest

​A daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother. Such myriad roles does a woman play! Although, this shouldn’t be all that defines her because she is, above all, an individual who deserves respect, love, gratitude and most importantly, independence.

Despite being considered a valuable part of society, a lack of financial independence is still evident in women. Even today, she is rarely asked how she wants to live her life, what she expects to achieve, what are her dreams. The time is ripe to move one step ahead and think about women as individuals and help them be self-reliant. And what better way for women to gain independence than having a house to call their own!

But, even though women in India are revered as ‘ghar ki laxmi’ buying a house for themselves isn’t easy in this country. The road to women buying a house is fraught with numerous restrictions, archaic laws and financial obstacles. Hence germinated the idea of HERHIGHNEST” – an affordable housing scheme exclusively for women. “HERHIGHNEST” will be a self-contained apartment complex with a well-stocked mess, a crest, an amphitheatre, an open garden and a club house which will include a fully-equipped gym.

The Idea Behind

The idea behind this project is to empower women, for them to have a home of their own, thus helping them create their own identity.

As a woman, the task of trying to buy a house in this country is quite overwhelming. Completing banking formalities and managing finances can be quite daunting. Mere determination and perseverance aren’t enough to overcome the several hurdles that come in the way of finally owning your dream home. A project like “HERHIGHNEST”, earmarked exclusively for women would go a long way in making this dream a reality.


To provide women with safe and affordable housing options


We believe that safe and affordable housing should be a right for all women. At HERHIGHNEST, we are committed to maintaining superlative quality standards and will endeavour to transform women’s lives by fulfilling their dream of having a house of their own.

Founder’s Message

Hello friends,

Today is a great day for me to share with you something new…!

Today forget how you were raised. Let’s re-discover, re-imagine more importantly Re inforce ourselves in the society. You might even see this as a giant leap in Women Empowerment

Let me begin by introducing myself. I’m Pradnya Ponkshe. I’m an Artist and interior designer by profession and believe being positive about life.

If you’re a woman, ask yourself ‘do you know yourself fully! Do you enjoy full independence? In fact, are you independent in the first place?

What do I mean by ‘independence’? I mean complete freedom of thinking and decision making! as well as the responsibility to secure your own future – first financially.

According to me the greatest sign of financial health and security is owning a House. House in your own name! is the biggest security that any women can have.

Nothing compares with the sense of security and happiness which comes from owning a house.

A woman’s father or husband can own the house they currently live in, but when a woman too owns a house, she becomes an additional pillar of support for the family.

It can then be truly said that she enjoys equal status in the family.

Think of all the benefits of owning a house.

  • Firstly it’s a greatest sense of pride & self-confidence!!
  • It is an independent investment and big-time value for future
  • Could be used to raise money for child’s educational, personal health or any future family requirement.
  • Women may get special Government subsidy on interest
  • Most importantly no one can ask you to leave home!! Because it is in your own name.

These thoughts are not mine alone. They reflect the concerns of every woman.

Future may bring new challenges, new problems and new difficulties. Question is are you prepared for them ? or would you remain forever dependent on your father, husband or someone else?

Secure your own life and self-esteem. Empower yourself.

Her Highnest

  • Safe & affordable housing solutions for women
  • Free consultation and financial counselling
  • Committed to women empowerment

I am inaugurating Her Highnest website, on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti 2021.

I am with you! Let’ build our own confident New World!

Thank you ..

Pradnya Ponkshe

Founder, Her Highnest & Trimit Rachana

“No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.”
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